Glastokids Mega Music Party Plus Pirate Adventure

Glastokids Mega Music Party Plus Pirate Adventure

Your party will have

  • Full PA; disco lighting; snow machine; glastonbabies banners; percussion instruments and props.
  • Live vocals and live saxophones; professional backing tracks; your unique playlist for the interval.

First half: An interactive show like no other!

  • Shaker-cise! With 80 shakers we get the party shaking to funk classics.
  • Mr Saxobeat! The Glastonbabies sax anthem with the whole party playing drums as the club lighting comes on. Ends with the drum n sax jam – you’ll have never heard your kids play this way!
  • Papa Americano Musical Statues! Hilarious musical statues with the Samba Clown making this party classic into a comedy mime show!
  • Pirate School! Samba Clown turns into the Pirate Captain who leads the new pirate cadets through their training.
  • The Pirate National Anthem! Learn to sing and wave the pirate flag.
  • Hoist The Jolly Roger! The action song where all clean, climb and steer the ship.
  • The Sea Shanty Drumathon! The cadets now show their drum n jig skills drumming with just the party lights and a glowing soprano saxophone.
  • Where’s Cecil? The lucky mascot, Cecil the sea snake is missing. The pirates have to find him and play his favourite tune!
  • The Pirate Adventure! Pirates actually go into our pirate ship and parents provide material waves around the outside. We sing on a musical adventure the encounters fish, sea crocodiles and a huge storm … exhilarated they land for half time food!


Over to you DJ moment! If your family has a favourite playlist or you’d like to have us organise your favourite songs let us know. You have the opportunity to plug in and play on the sound system.

The second half: A massive mix of multi-play ending with Mega-Ball Finale!

  • A Festival Of Multiplay Activities: The 4 egg shaker helter skelters; shaker tower construction; massive fuzzy felt activity; live saxophone accompaniment.
  • The Humpty Dumpty Opera: A full opera pepper show will have your children riveted! After the performance all children get opera puppets and in full operatic style.
  • Happy Birthday: Now you are all in fine voice it is time for Happy Birthday.
  • Stickers and Cards: Everybody gets stickers and cards but the show is not over!
  • Fuzz Ball: The fuzzy felt cushions now get thrown into a drum like mass basketball.
  • Live Sax Disco Rave: Back to basics. It’s live music time with sax and drums.
  • Musical Tidy Up: Miraculously the whole group tidy up in 4 minutes.
  • Megaball Finale: Megaball sees your whole party – children and adults – playing a giant beach ball game. See your adult friends getting as excited as the kids.

Calculate your party’s cost

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Package Price


Mileage Calculation

Click here to calculate round trip mileage from Harlow, Essex, to your location.

  • Multiply by 2 to get round trip total
  • Subtract 10 free miles
  • Multiply final mileage by 50p per mile outside M25 and £1 per mile inside M25

Due to the active nature of 5 year olds and the constant interactive nature of the party there is a 30 active participant limit on this party package.

Total Price = Package Price + Mileage + Joint Party Fee (if applicable)

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