Glastonbabies ‘n’ GlastoKids party packages:
Bringing a festival of music and fun to your event!

Glastonbabies is a hit at festivals, schools and nurseries. Adam Amor performer, professional saxophonist, experienced performing arts teacher and composer has created a completely engaging and unique interactive show of the highest quality available for your party event.

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Complete entertainment package

You get not one but two, live sessions of 45-minutes each where every second engages and enthuses. Plus you get the option to have your unique 30-minute DJ playlist on the sound system during the break.

5-star Reviews

The most common comment in our stellar reviews is that the adults enjoyed the party as much as the kids! But don’t take our word for it! Go to Facebook Reviews (live link) to see what’s been said about the 100 plus parties, shows and events that have taken place in the last year.

Your GlastoKids party checklist

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    2. Make up your party title – Alfi-Tude, Victoria’s V-Fest, Stanley Calling!
    3. Make your lanyard invitations with our step-by-step guide
    4. Get Practicing! – Download the Glastonbabies album – Growing with Glastonbabies on iTunes and Spotify and share with all your guests
    5. The parties are designed to have the greatest impact possible for a hall-based party and are not bookable for home or garden parties.

The Glastonbabies ‘n’ Glastokids Hall Party Packages

Ideal for 1 – 4 yrs and their families…
Milli-pillar’s Amazing Ibiza Adventure!
100 Drums n Shakers – Live Sax n Dance Music – Dancing – Club Lights – Giant Puppets – Adventure – Foam – Bubbles – Amazing Multiplay Activities

Bring Milli, mega-star of Glastonbabies shows at the 3 Foot Festival (largest preschool festival in the UK) to your party! Adam, creator/pro musician/teacher, starts with shakers and drums for everybody, playing and dancing under club lights with dance music and live ibiza-style sax! Guaranteed to get everyone totally involved from the very start.

Then the fast-paced adventure with Mill – the 3 metre caterpillar – who turns into a 9 metre butterfly! Her body and wings become an amazing canopy for the second half multi-play activities and the Ibiza-style dance party.

Lots of tactile, unbreakable and safe equipment design for little hands alongside the professional entertainment and ingenious activities you expect from Glastonbabies.

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Ideal for 5’s and their families…
Glastokids Mega Music Party Plus Pirate Adventure
100 Drums ‘n’ Shakers – Live Sax n Dance Music – Dancing – Club Lights – Action Songs and Games – Pirate Ship Adventure – Giant xylophone Jam – Foam – Tower building challenge – Mega Ball Finale

See your young people taking part as never before! Playing real music with a pro – on shakers, drums (enough for your whole group) and the Mega Xylophone. Then see them become completely involved in action and story songs. Ending up all aboard on a pirate ship adventure!

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Gardener jack and the Green Beanstalk Show

Ideal for 6’s and their families…
Jack and the Beanstalk Interactive Panto!
100 Drums ‘n’ Shakers – 10 action songs – 5-metre Beanstalk – Giant’s Castle – Snow Storm – Live Sax n Dance Music – Dancing – Giant xylophone Jam – Build-a-Castle Challenge – Mega Ball Finale

Bring your own private theatre show to town! Gardener Jack regularly tours theatres and schools in the region. “The best day of my life” – that’s how one of 100’s of happy participants responded to Gardener Jack on last year’s tour of theatres and schools – a fantastic version of the classic pantomime! Constant interactive action from beginning to end with an amazing set that becomes one massive music machine!

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*There will be a surcharge for parties that incur over 1 hour travel time.